Parade of Giants manifesto

Parade of Giants manifesto

Parade of Giants is inspired by the homeless, the trafficked, forced and child labour in the fashion industry and the millions of widows who are forced out of their homes and dispossessed when their husbands die.

Oversized coats are homes.

One coat is made from old overcoats and jackets, the other from an old sleeping bag with a broken zip. The hoodies are made from reclaimed jersey, old t-shirts and jumpers, an underskirt and wadding.

Trousers are re-made from old lounge pants and socks.

Dresses and jumpers are created from flatseamed strips of old sock either overdyed black or with onion skins for tonal depth and tint-dyed with rust.

There are 12 outfits – 6 mens and 6 ladies.

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